Over the course of a year, Kings underwent a brand transformation. The look evolved from earthy and organic with largely promotional messaging to a more sophisticated, editorial approach.
The email template was adjusted incrementally over the course of several months to keep up with changes to the branding. The first step was to align the style with the new monthly print mailer. This meant focusing the content around a central theme, incorporating custom photography and simplifying the color palette. In this phase, I had the freedom to put more emphasis on the user experience. The typography was reconsidered for better legibility, while background textures were eliminated in an effort to begin the transition from all image-based slices to the eventual responsive layout with HTML text. Additionally, the header and footer were simplified for easier mobile usage.
As Phase I of the email redesign was rolled out, the Kings rebrand was still being developed behind the scenes. Everything was reimagined—the logo, typefaces, color palette and website. Phase II of the email redesign meant aligning the style once again with the new brand guidelines. It was also the time to finally go  responsive. The release of this newest version of the email corresponded with the launch of the new website.

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